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Our mission is to be part of your journey and a gentle reminder that there is hope once you find yourself at the intersection of scared and hopeful.  

​When we were 26 weeks pregnant we were informed that our son would need heart surgery upon birth. As an avid researcher, we immediately began to search for tools to empower our son. When we Googled "children's character with scars" nothing but Disney villains came up.  At that moment,  we decided we shouldn't live in a world that had no source of empowerment and reassurance for families in similar situations.  Thus Badges was born.  We began to really think about what a scar symbolizes.  As we reflected on each of our own, we realized the common thread between them was that they represented a time that we had to be braver and stronger than what left the scar.  They were a symbol of triumph and courage, thus should be embraced and celebrated.  


Elizabeth Hunterton is no stranger to making something beautiful out of life’s challenges. In 1980, Elizabeth was abandoned as a newborn at the Reno-Cannon International Airport.  She  was adopted into a loving home by parents who became hers in every sense of the word. Unfortunately the light of love wouldn’t protect her from the darkness of abuse, bullying, or depression. She took those challenges and transformed them into a catalyst to have a positive impact on children who’d been abandoned, abused, or neglected. Elizabeth proudly served as her state’s ambassador in the prestigious Miss America Organization. While Miss Nevada she served as an advocate, spokesperson, motivational and public speaker – all capacities in which she continues to serve. 


She received her Bachelor of Science in International Business with a minor in Japanese, and a Master of Science Degree in Public Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  


Although she has achieved tremendous success in the wonderful world of non-profit organizations, Elizabeth's greatest roles have been served within her family.  She is a wife, stepmother, daughter, and mother. While some never get the privilege of meeting their hero, Elizabeth feels infinitely blessed to have given birth to hers.